‘Logan’ Movie Trailer Breakdown, 5 Exciting Moments from the Trailer

Let’s go over the 5 most exciting things from the Logan trailer.

1. Logan Looks “Hurt”
Logan Looks Hurt
Well, much like the headline of that Johnny Cash/Nine Inches Nails song, Logan is looking hurt. Keep in mind, this is a guy who took a gunshot to the head and did not get a scratch. Now he is sporting scars all over his whole body and can not even put on a clothing without having difficulties.

2. She’ is My Daughter, She is My Clone
She’ is My Daughter, She is My Clone
We have even more purpose to believe that the young girl Wolverine’s going to have to keep secure is X-23, Logan’s clone-daughter who gradually, in the comics, assumes the headline of Wolverine for herself. Professor X informs Logan, “She is like you. Very much like you.” Seems like a sign, no?

3. Old Man Charles
Old Man Charles
Talking of Professor X, we get a glance beyond just that picture of Charles Xavier. The X-Men films have generally been one long montage of Charles being smacked around, shot, or obliterated. Here is hoping we get a proper dose of the ancient professor before he is certainly murdered.

4. So It Foes
So It Foes
We saw footage of two new members of the X-Men universe. Most especially, we see Boyd Holbrook as the movie’s bad guy, Donald Pierce, who, compared with most other X-Men antagonists, is not a mutant. He is a cyborg with superhuman strength and agility. Furthermore, there was the briefest of glimpses, we think, of Stephen Merchant as Caliban, a mutant who can identify other mutants.

5. Scratching Beyond the Surface
Scratching Beyond the Surface
And, lastly, there is a red band edition of the Logan movie trailer that reveals this film is definitely going to be aggressive. No more will the film shy away from Wolverine actually stabbing people with those claws.

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